March 14–Blogging Challenge 1 Self Assessment


Student Blogging Challenge Week 1 Self Assessment:


Directions: Please respond to the following questions on your own sheet of paper. To receive full credit, you answer must be explained completely and clearly written.


1.    Which of this weeks’ Student Blogging Challenge tasks did you complete? List them.


2.    Which task from this week was the most important? Explain.


3.    What was the most important or interesting thing that you learned about blogging through this week’s challenge? Explain.


4.    Describe a problem, challenge, or frustrating moment that you encountered during the Student Blogging Challenge this week.  How did you deal with it?


 5.    What was the most important or interesting thing you learned through visiting another student’s blog? 

    *Need ideas?  Check out Mrs. W’s last post featuring the best blogs from Week 1 of the Blogging Challenge (congrats to Ta-Layza and Zach who made the list!)  


6.    Write a note to Mr. Fulton telling him anything you want him to know about your thoughts on the Student Blogging Challenge.

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