April 14th–Published Writing Reflection/Self Assessment

Published Writing Self Assessment


Directions—Using Diigo, complete the following self asssessment of the writing piece that you have most recently published to your blog.     To receive full credit, your response should be clear, complete, and thoughtful.

To begin, go to your blog, click on the title of your post, then open up Diigolet.

1. Look over the piece your published to your blog, and find your favorite part.  Hightlight it, click “highlight and stickynote”

  •     On your stikynote, write “1” and a clear and thoughtful explaination of why this part was your favorite. 

2.  Look over your blog post(s).  Find something you wrote that best shows you as a thinker.  Hightlight it, click “highlight and stickynote”

  •      On your stikynote, write “2”  and a complete and convincing explanation for how that excerpt shows you are a thinker.

3.  Find part of your writing  that shows the most important revision you made to your piece.  Hightlight it, click “highlight and stickynote”

  •  On your stikynote, write “3”  and an explaination of how you revised that part AND the effect the revision had on your piece. 

4.  Insert a floating stickynote.  Write “4” and describe the biggest challenge you encountered in writing this piece AND what you did to work through it.Write Think about .  Insert a floating stickynote

 5. Insert a floating stickynote. Write “5” and tell Mr.  Fulton  something he doesn’t know about this piece.

To finish, click the “bookmark” button, add some tags, and under “save to group” select “Fulton’s ELA”

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