Final Blog Post of the 8th Grade

For this last blog post, you will use a digital tool to tell a digital story that you will publish to your blog.
Pick one of the following options:
  • Retell a previous post (either with one of the below digital tools or with photostory).
  • Recreate an important scene from your novel
  • Do a book report on your novel
  • Tell an important story from your life this year
  • Share what you learned about life this year
  • Create an autobiography of yourself as a writer

And compose the piece with one of the following tools:

Animoto–Take combine images, text, videos and music to make an awesome video slideshow
Bubblr–Pick flickr photos by tag or user name and put on a timeline, overlay bubbles with text
Storybird–create digital books with beautiful artwork!
Stripgenerator–Create comics quickly and easily…But be aware, you cannot save and edit!
Toondoo–Online comic creator
Pixton–Create simple or complex comics using characters, scenes, objects. All objects are highly editable, and characters can be moved into almost any pose
GoAnimate–Create your own animated videos! 
Xtranormal–A cool animation creation tool with tons of options.  You’ve seen this site used in commercials on TV recently.
Memoov–Another site for creating animations
ZooBurst–Create 3d popup books!
Glogster–Create multimedia posters
Photostory (loaded on your computer)

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